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Bach Flower Essences® in the News


A Small Bottle of Calm in a World Gone Mad
By DAVID COLMAN Published: October 7, 2007

Cure your mental woes with flowers Sep. 19, 2007

Rescue From The Vicious Cycle Of Stress Aug. 2, 2007

Stressed-Out Women Take Control: Shun Prescription, Seek Natural Solutions To Ease Stress 04/04/07

Bach Rescue Pastilles in the NEWS 02/28/07

Relax Already with Cate Blanchett

Wed, 02/21/2007 - 3:35am by FitSugar


Although Cate doesn't exercise often, she does find stress release in a rather unconventional form. She keeps a bottle of Bach Rescue Remedy® in her make up bag and uses it as a little pick me up. You know Rescue Remedy®, the herbal solution that you put under your tongue, folks have been using it as a stress reliever for years.

Her motto is: "if you know you are going to fail, then fail gloriously." Definitely words we can all live by.

Good luck to her at the Oscars!!!!


Television & Sports Personalities love Bach Flower Essences® too! As seen in People Magazine (May 10, 1999): When Cate Blanchett was asked what she carries in her makeup bag, her comment was that she keeps little in her makeup bag beyond Rescue Remedy®, an herbal solution. "You put it under your tongue, it's a little pick-me-up thing," she said.

As seen on ABC's The View (July 19, 2000): Meredith Vieira, a co-host of the show, said she got Rescue Remedy® from her vet to help her "neurotic" dog. She said it had worked well for her dog, and she now uses it herself. Later in the show, she got one of the other co-hosts to try it on the air.

As seen on the Tonight Show (September, 2001): Jennifer Anniston uses Rescue Remedy® before movie premiers to relieve stress and anxiety.

Professional athletes, like LPGA golf pro Kris Tschetter, use Rescue Remedy®. "In the game of golf, concentration is key. A few drops of Rescue Remedy® mixed in my water bottle does the trick," Tschetter says. "It is incredible for soothing my nerves and helping me stay focused and calm while playing the course."

As seen on the new WB television series Roswell, Rescue Remedy® was featured in the Independence Day episode on February 16, 2000. In this episode, one of Roswell's main characters Maria, encourages her best friend Liz to take Rescue Remedy® when she gets over excited. Later on, Maria takes Rescue Remedy® to steel herself for a meeting with an ex-boyfriend.

Media information: Special thanks to Warner Communications



Bach Flowers are 'star struck'!

It's true that Bach Flower Essences® are popular worldwide. People in sixty-six countries are enjoying the benefits of the essences' powerful emotional balancing effects.

And the Hollywood stars and other notables are no exception!

Jennifer Aniston (left) , Sissy Spacek and Rosie O'Donnell are known to use Bach Flower Essences®. Golf pro Chris Tschetter, interviewed by Golf Today magazine, shared how helpful the stress formula Rescue Remedy® has been to help calm her nerves before important tournaments. Even the co-hosts on the television show The View let viewers know about the benefits of Bach Flower Essences®.

More and more, top personalities are sharing their secrets about how to stay in balance in order to be at their best. Seems like Bach Flower Essences® are becoming a regular part of their personal wellness programs!


HealthFirst-Rescue Sleep, abc12 News, September 18, 2006

RESCUE SLEEP in the NEWS September 14, 2006 VIDEO

Two Proponents Are Part Of A Movement To Treat Canine Ills With Herbs And Touch August 20, 2006

Give your pooch some peace and quiet tonight Published Tuesday, July 4th, 2006

NEW: RESCUE SLEEP - Non-habit forming, fast acting natural sleep aid 6/12/06

Take Charge of Your Life with Flower Essences By Nancy Buono

Releasing the healing energy within - The Bach Flower By Nancy Buono


A 70-year-old 'Rescue Remedy®' based on flower essences is more popular than ever, writes Charmian Evans

Rescue Remedy®: News 7 Boston 04/04/06 VIDEO

Rescue Remedy®: 7 News Boston Air Date: 04/04/06 Article

Natural Pets: Treating hives on a horse By Jo Bighouse 03/30/2006 Article

No need to scratch head over allergies Albany Democrat Herald, OR - Mar 18, 2006



Reprinted from The Westchester WAG Magazine Issue: September 2006:

Author and freelance writer Seema Boesky attended my presentation “Discover Emotional Harmony and Balance with Bach Flower Remedies” at Frette Linen Boutique in Aspen Colorado on August 17, 2006. She writes about her experience in her column for The Westchester WAG Magazine, September 2006:

"“I accompanied a close friend to a lecture on Bach Flower Remedies, a homeopathic treatment for anxiety, depression, and a myriad of other ailments I didn't have or want. I wondered why everyone raised their hand when asked how many were familiar with the product.

After four people told of life-altering experiences using Bach Flower, I was convinced—not that the stuff works, but that I was being duped, set up for a big hit! To make my friend happy, I left with two small bottles of their least costly remedy.”

“Sitting on my counter that evening, next to my Excedrin PM, I spied the vials of Bach Flower sleep remedy. For fun, I sprayed my tongue twice as directed and went to bed. I woke after an uninterrupted dreamy night's sleep feeling content and refreshed. The Bach Flower remedy worked perfectly. I'm forever Excedrin free!”"

In the 2003 March/April Issue of Massage Magazine, Editor Karen Menehan's fabulous feature article on flower essences included Alicia Sirkin:

Regarding flower essences:

'Flower-essence practitioner Alicia Sirkin, of Miami, Florida, offers this analogy: 'We believe that flower essences carry the energetic blueprint, or life-force energy, from the flower from which it's prepared. If you think of your car battery, it carries an electrical charge in the water that helps the car go. In much the same way, the flower-essence liquid holds energy that restores energy to our emotions when we've lost it through sadness, through anger, through impatience.''

Regrarding private flower essence consultations with Alicia's clients:

'Sirkin says that during a consultation she asks the client to go inside to see where she feels stuck or negative. 'We have an intuitive part inside of us that just knows what's wrong,' Sirkin explains. 'What I do is I just pick out my clients' own words that happen to be the keywords for those essences that will rebalance the emotional state.' 'It's about self-empowerment,' she continues. 'I'm empowering my client with the education they need to self-prescribe the essences they need.''

Alicia Sirkin, BFRP, has been recently quoted as an expert on Bach Flower Essences® in 'Fitness,' 'Spa,' 'Vegetarian Times,' 'Massage,' and 'Alternative Medicine' magazines.

She has been interviewed and consulted for background material by 'Glamour' and Oprah Winfrey's 'O' magazines as well as numerous international publications.

For Media Interviews:
Contact The Sirkin Creative Living Center, LLC 888-875-6753



Did you know....
that Jay McCarrol, the winner of the reality TV show Project Runway, used Rescue Remedy® on the show's grand finale???

Jennifer Anniston says it keeps her cool under pressure. Kate Blanchett swears by it, and Salma Hayek has been a fan for years. It's called Bach's "Rescue Remedy®,"

Roberta Flack uses Rescue Remedy® for menopausal hot flashes.







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